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Harima, started in November 2004 as the result of a casual conversation between three friends, has been quietly feeding the food loving population of Bangalore. Tucked away in a nondescript commercial building on Residency Road, it’s the word-of-mouth advertisement that has been responsible for the growth in our diners.


冷奴 / Hiyayakko
Cold Tofu served with ginger, green onions and soy sauce

野菜のお浸し / Yasai no Ohitashi
Blanched vegetable served chilled with a house special dashi sauce
漬物 / Tsukemono
Japanese style Cucumber & Chinese cabbage pickle

枝豆 / Edamame
Boiled green soybeans served with salt

椎茸の照り焼き / Shiitake no Teriyaki
Sautéed and glazed Shiitake mushroom in teriyaki sauce

豚の生姜焼き / Buta no Shougayaki
Thinly sliced pan seared pork belly in ginger soya sauce.

大根サラダ / Daikon Salad
Thinly sliced, crispy radish served with our signature sesame or goma dressing

冷やしうどん / Hiyashi Udon
Cold Udon noodles served with a soy fish sauce

まぐろ刺身 / Maguro Sashimi
Sliced raw tuna (12pieces) served with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger

サーモン刺身 / Salmon Sashimi
Sliced raw salmon (12Pieces) served with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger

揚げ出汁豆腐 / Agedashi Tofu
Delicately fried tofu served in tempura sauce and garnished with ginger and seaweed

わさびエビマヨ / Wasabi Ebimayo
7pieces of batter fried shrimps tossed in a wasabi mayonnaise sauce

鶏の鉄板焼き / Tori no Teppanyaki
Chicken grilled on sizzler plate, and served with soya-sesame dipping sauce.

とりもも/Torimomo (2skewers)
Grilled skewers of chicken leg basted in a caramelized Yakitori BBQ sauce

カニクリームコロッケ / Kani Cream Croquette
Three pieces of deep fried creamy croquette filled with crab meat.


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