Harima was designed in traditional style and the designers were called in from Japan to make sure that our customers get the most authentic experience of Japan right here in Bangalore.

Some of the special amenities that we are proud of are

Japanese room

Harima has an authentic Japanese sitting space where in guest sit on the floor just like the traditional Japanese restaurants with sit-in facilities. The room has a capacity of about 24 seats and is convenient to even elderly and children.

Private room

Just like in Japan where there are private party rooms for a big group or a office party, Harima has made a private room that can be enclosed and can seat about 8 to 10 guests.

Karaoke room

Japanese experience can not be complete without a Karaoke room. Japanese people love to let go and sing with full throttle, so we have a fully enclosed and sound-proofed room with a capacity of about 6 to 8 people. Even our Indian and other guests have come to enjoy it now.

Performance stage

Harima from time to time hosts musical events or comedy shows. So to cater to these we have a stage exclusively kept for this purpose and can be even used by a large group in our open terrace space.

Outdoor seating

Harima is blessed to have a space that is open to the sky with beautiful shade of a very old tree that forms a canopy over our terrace space. It is a large space of over 4000 sft and can be also used for very large private parties.

In-door seating

Harima has large fully air-conditioned in-door space of about 3500 sft with comfortable seating arrangement.


Harima has a fully functional and equipped bar including with draught and craft beer tabs. Apart from the regular alcoholic beverages, we also serve specially made cocktails that are hit with many of our customers.

Parking space

 Harima, though in the central business district has ample parking space for cars behind the building as well as on the road in front of Harima.

(first come first serve)