Our story

Several years back three friends, one Japanese and two Indian were on a holiday in Europe, enjoying and relaxing their vacation. The environment around was surreal, and they were having a time of their lives. On one of the days during the trip after a game of golf when they were relaxing and sipping a drink, one of them got an idea to have a fine dine authentic Japanese restaurant in Bangalore. All of them agreed and casually said let us do it. Then the trip continued and the conversation was forgotten.

On the next trip of the Japanese friend to India, he called both these friends out for a dinner and presented a cheque to both of them. When the friends asked him what was this for, he said as per our agreement in Europe this is my part of the share of investment for the restaurant. By this time the Indian friends had totally forgotten about the casual chat they had over a few drinks in Europe and were surprised by this sudden reminder. It was not just a reminder but a serious intent on part of the Japanese friend for starting up the restaurant.

Now, the Indian friends had no choice but to take up the venture seriously. And this is how Harima was born on 1st Nov 2004.

Over the years two Indian friends who were part of the venture retired and it was taken over by one more Indian friend known to them all. And now it is managed by the original Japanese friend and this Indian friend and hence Harima has always stayed as a venture that has been nurtured by good friendship. Friendship has continued to remain as the cornerstone of our engagement, be it our staff, our guests or our suppliers.